We are delighted to announce the launch of the 3rd Dimension Awards from PMSA – the next generation of benchmark accolades for sculptors and public monument conservators.

The Public Monuments and Sculpture Association has celebrated excellence in three-dimensional art for almost thirty years, by helping to promote, protect and preserve the UKs vast collection of public monuments and sculpture. Our investment has celebrated the work of established artists, created opportunities for gifted sculptors to reach their full potential and helped protect priceless works of public art. 

Over the past decade, PMSA has presented many prestigious accolades, including its celebrated Marsh Award in partnership with the Marsh Christian Trust, to creators and conservators of sculpture in the UK. Inviting the UK’s greatest creative practitioners, Art historians, collection curators and conservators to judge nominated work. 

For those who achieve one, PMSA awards are more than just an award. It is often career defining. We want to continue to acknowledge and celebrate excellence in sculpture.  There are over 16,000 sculptures and monuments in our townsand cities, parks and gardens. These public works of art anchor their host community to a time and a place. They evoke a memory. From medieval crosses to Victorian statues and contemporary sculptures, they are a rich and integral part of our shared landscape and heritage.

With this relaunch, we aim to expand and evolve the award categories, increase the financial prizes, partner with a number of likeminded sponsors with a passion for Arts, Culture and Heritage and thereby deliver more impact through our work.

JUDGING is undertaken by the Awards Committee; its decisions are final.


Martin Jennings, with PMSA patron HRH Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester and Sheffield City Council's Public Art Officer Andrew Skelton, after receiving the PMSA Marsh Award in 2017.

Call For Entries

ENTRIES will be invited from 30 November 2019. Details of how to enter will be posted here.

Award Categories

Abstract or figurative freestanding sculpture or relief, commemorative or otherwise, must be accessible to public view.

Fountains and water features involving moving water must be accessible to public view.

This award is made for the treatment, restoration or repair of an existing sculpture or fountain that is in the UK and accessible to the public.

A newly created award category, recognising landmark building design incorporating significant sculptural elements.

INNOVATION Celebrating excellence and innovation in public monuments and sculpture.

Awards Sponsorship

Category Sponsorship enquiries are now invited. Download the Sponsor Prospectus here.