Monumental sculpture recording project launched


The UK is the first country in the world to create a free-to-access online photographic showcase of its publicly owned sculpture. 

In 2018, in partnership with Art UK, the Public Monuments and Sculpture Association embarked upon the largest sculpture recording project ever undertaken in the UK. It will be the first database of its kind in the world.

Some works have no records of their history or existence, and have never been catalogued before. Until recently, many of an estimated 170,000 works or art were hidden away or forgotten about, with many public monuments at risk.

This ambitious project will transforming the way people access and learn about sculpture heritage. The database, which is now searchable via the ArtUK website, will allow audiences to share knowledge, exchange opinions and visit sculptures – both in person and online.


SCALLOP by Maggi Hambling
Aldeburgh, Suffolk, UK

Artistic work copyright Maggi Hambling.
Photo copyright Richard Youell/PMSA.

“Britain’s national sculpture collection goes global: the UK shares its publicly owned sculpture with the world’