New Monuments For Women

FRIDAY 8 MARCH 2019 | 18.30-20.00 | DESIGN MUSEUM | LONDON

Justine Simons, Deputy Mayor for Culture and the Creative Industries, leads a free discussion on female monuments for the 21st century.

 In the UK, there is a severe shortage of civic monuments dedicated to the lives and achievements of women. It’s believed that public statues of men outnumber women by 16 to one. 

Last year, this came under renewed scrutiny during the commemoration festivities around 100 years of women’s suffrage. To redress this imbalance, several new statues of influential British women were commissioned and unveiled, including the much-anticipated monument to Millicent Fawcett in Westminster’s Parliament Square designed by the artist Gillian Wearing.

Public monuments stand as important symbols of women's contributions to history, but in an era of social media and #MeToo, how relevant are they to young people today? In what other ways can we memorialise our most treasured heroines?

Join a group of designers, thinkers and artists for a discussion on female monuments for the 21st century.

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