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Two New Online Resources

Sculpture in National Trust Collections

The National Trust collection curates more than 6,000 sculptures, which include an intriguing range of work from the ancient to the contemporary. Last year, supported by the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art and the Royal Oak Foundation, the National Trust began a research project cataloguing its entire collection of sculpture and updating its online entries. Anonline overviewof sculpture in National Trust collections introducing this project has just been published. This exciting new venture will provide an excellent online resource when complete.

Royal Academy Catalogues Online

To celebrate the Royal Academy’s 250th birthday, a complete set of digitised and searchable Summer Exhibition Catalogues from 1769-2018 has been put on open access online.

Public Sculpture of Edinburgh

The PMSA is delighted to announce the publication of the much anticipated Public Sculpture of Edinburgh, volumes one and two.

The richness of Edinburgh’s history as a capital city, and the dramatic power of its urban topography, have combined to create a uniquely fertile breeding ground for public sculpture of every kind. The coverage of this is divided between two companion volumes, the twentieth and twenty-first in the PMSA’s Public Sculpture of Britain series. Written by Ray McKenzie with research by Dianne King and Tracy Smith, volume one begins appropriately with the historic Old Town and South Edinburgh, while volume two covers the New Town, Leith and the Outer Suburbs.

The volumes provide comprehensive and detailed accounts of the public sculptures, including free-standing commemorative monuments, architectural carvings, and contemporary site-specific interventions. Based on extensive new research, the text is structured as a catalogue raisonné, with each entry comprising a detailed description of the work, an account of how it came to be commissioned and an analysis of its cultural significance. There are also separate appendices dealing with important works that have been lost or destroyed, minor works and sculptural coats of arms. The study of public sculpture is now recognised as offering a range of new insights into the development of the urban realm. Those insights are brought together to provide a comprehensive resource for historians, architects, urban planners and conservators, and a narrative history that will be of interest to all who care about Edinburgh, and wish to celebrate its status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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PMSA launches publishing label

On 1 October 2018 the PMSA launched its own publishing label, PMSA publishing, which will specialise in printed and online publications on sculpture. The first publication under this label is Sculpting Art History: Essays in Memory of Benedict Read, edited by Katharine Eustace, Mark Stocker and Joanna Barnes, commemorating the celebrated art-historian, Benedict Read.

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Departures and Thanks

Sadly, Joanna Barnes, Editor, and Leonie Summers, Assistant Editor, leave 3rd Dimensionon 11 February. We established this online magazine for the PMSA five years ago and have very much enjoyed working on this lively sculpture forum. We would like to thank those who have so generously contributed articles and reviews, all our 3rd Dimension readers and our followers on social media.

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