PMSA MARSH AWARDS The 2016 Shortlist for Excellence in Public Fountains



Liverpool Hope University Fountain

Health Science Building, Hope University, Liverpool

A rectangular raised pool with approximate dimensions of 3m wide x 15m long with a water depth of 0.2m. Within the pool there are seven sculptural trees which precipitate water pumped from the pool.

The water feature equipment and controls are located in a plant room space on the ground floor of the new Health Science building.

The trees are illuminated with colour changing LED lighting which is integrated with the controls for the external building lighting.


Dumfries House Pergola

Dumfries House, Cumnock, Ayrshire, Scotland

William Pye: Pergola was commissioned for the front of this recently restored eighteenth-century house in Scotland. The sculpture is an extension of my Water Trellis pieces where I have used hydrostatic pressure to control jets. The excess of water delivered to the top flows down the outer surfaces of the four legs of the structure into bronze bowls and through spouts falls into the higher pool. The water flows down to the lower level through four spouts. At the very top is a bronze thistle flower – Scotland’s symbol – which is also the centrepiece of my Thistle Fountain in the Queen Elizabeth Garden at Dumfries House.


Goodman’s Fields Horses

Piazza, Goodman’s Fields, London E1

Six bronze life and a quarter size horses commissioned by Berkeley Homes for the Piazza at Goodman’s Fields, London.

Hamish Mackie: ‘Berkeley is all about place making. At Goodman’s Fields, we had the opportunity to create a landmark that celebrates British craftsmanship as well as the history of the local community.’

Ustigate constructed a water feature design which created animated water effects to give the horses a life-like appearance. In order to achieve these water effects, mock-ups were made using Glass Reinforced Plastic of all water interface parts (hooves and belly) of the horses and were set up at Ustigate’s testing facility to research and develop in conjunction with Hamish Mackie. To complete Mackie’s vision Ustigate also used the knowledge and experience of Nancy Minshull-Beech from her observations of similar horse herd artwork installations to create the most realistic water effects.

As each horse has a different water interaction, the final installation uses a range of custom-made jets which create the best possible animated effect to show the horse moving through the water. For example, horse four uses a pumping system that produces pulsating water to create a bow effect onto the horses stomach and breast plate. Lastly, the two trotting horses in shallow water use custom built hoof jets to give the most natural running water effect and ensured the spray was within the pool’s area.

Main image: Fountains & Features, Liverpool Hope University Fountain  (photo: © PMSA & Marsh Awards Judges)

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