Rupert Harris Conservation wins the Marsh Award for Conservation of Public Sculpture

This award is offered for the conservation treatment or repair of an existing work in a public place within the last two years. The award commends craft and professional skills, reflecting a core activity of the PMSA and an essential aspect of guardianship. The award was presented to Rupert Harris Conservation for their work on the grade II listed monument of Prince Albert at Holborn Circus in the City of London, which has recently been relocated, because of traffic concerns, to a site between two carriageways 20 metres west of its original position at the centre of the Circus. (more).

Rupert Harris studied Sculpture and History of Art at Central School of Art, London, after which he worked as personal assistant to the sculptor Lynn Chadwick. In 1976 Rupert formed a partnership and established a bronze foundry, A&A Sculpture Casting, in London (now AB Fine Art Foundry), then in 1979 Rupert joined the V&A Metalwork Conservation Department as a student. In 1982, after completing the four-year Diploma course, he set up his own conservation practice specialising in all metals, ranging from small, decorative objects to monumental sculpture and architectural ironwork. In the same year Rupert Harris Conservation was appointed Metalwork Conservation Advisor to the National Trust, and in 2003 was appointed Architectural Metalwork Consultant to English Heritage. Rupert Harris is a PACR Accredited Conservator-Restorer, a member of the Institute of Conservation and an elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Through the talents and hard work of a long-term staff of eight, Rupert Harris Conservation has developed over the last thirty years into a dedicated team of polymathic Conservators, who each bring broad experience to the practice and share their unique skills within it. The studio has now built an international reputation for excellence in the conservation of sculpture and decorative art objects, not only in all metals but also in terracotta, porcelain, stone, wood and modern media.

Rupert Harris Conservation is committed to high quality care of collections of public sculpture. Since 2000, the practice has developed a close working relationship with the City of London Corporation, implementing a rolling programme of conservation and planned maintenance of the large collection of public sculpture, memorials and historic objects in the City’s public realm. Rupert Harris Conservation also frequently conserves, maintains and advises on other public sculpture collections such as those in the care of the Royal Parks, the Palace of Westminster, English Heritage, and numerous private collections of historic and modern outdoor sculpture. In this capacity the company also holds the Royal Warrant to Her Majesty The Queen as Conservators of Metalwork and Sculpture.

Main image: Charles Bacon, Monument of Prince Albert, Holborn Circus,London (photo: Bronwyn Claridge)

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