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Detail from: Memorial to 158 Squadron by Peter W. Naylor, 2009

Translator's Memorial


Type Sculpture

     Cadw report description: 'Octagonal perpendicular Gothic tower memorial on stepped plinth loosely derived from the Eleanor Crosses; Hollington and Ancaster stone. Crucifix finial over lantern cupola with ogee headed iron grilled openings and symbols of the New Testament. Narrow flying buttresses with finials project below the top stage and flank statues on pedestals of Morgan, contemporary Bishops and other advisors in the translation; all contained within ogee headed niches.'
     Memorial commissioned in 1888 on the tercentenary of the translation of the Bible into Welsh. Funded by national public subscription. Cost £729
     Information from Translator's Chapel inside St. Asaph's Cathedral: 'Bishop Morgan was the first to conceive the idea of translating the bible into Welsh. Appointed Bishop of St. Asaph in 1601, he remained here until his death in 1604. The first complete bible in Welsh did not appear until 1588. William Morgan probably began the work of translating when he was a student at Cambridge, completed it when he was vicar of Llanrhaedr-yn-Mochnant before he was appointed Bishop of Llandaff. He was probably assisted in the work by Dr David Powell of Ruabon, Richard Vaughan who later became Bishop of Bangor and by Edmund Prys, Canon of St. Asaph who had been his fellow student at Cambridge and who himself produced a metrical version of the psalms in Welsh, Gabriel Goodman born in Ruthin and Dean of Westminster also gave much support at the time of publication. When the bible appeared the Privy Council ordered that a copy should be placed in every church by Christmas. Bishop Morgan's translation was revised by Richard Parry, Bishop of St. Asaph in 1620. He was helped by Dr. John Davies of Mallwyd, Canon of St. Asaph. This edition was still intended for use in churches only. It was not until 1630 the Y Beible Bach was issued for general distribution.


Base of each statue in niche incised with surname. Inscised on green marble tablet below corresponding statue: GABRIEL GOODMAN, D.D. / DEON WESTMINSTER / GWR A FU O GYMORTH NID BYCHAN / IR ESGOB MORGAN. Incised on green marble tablet below corresponding statue: THOMAS HUET / CANTOR MYNYW / CYFIEITHYDD RHAN O DESTAMENT / 1567 Incised on green marblet tablet below corresponding statue: WILLIAM SALESBURY / CYFIEITHYDD Y TESTAMENT / NEWYDD IR GYMRAEG 1567 / EICH CAR O WAET YN OLY CNAWT / ACH BRAWF FFYDD IN CHRIST IESU Incised on green marble tablet below corresponding statue: RICHARD PARRY, D.D. / ESGOB LLANELWY 1604-1623 / AWDWR Y CYFIEITHIAD / DIWYGIEDIG 1620 Incised on green marble tablet below corresponding statue: RICHARD DAVIES, D.D. / CYFIEITHIAD RHAN O DESTAMENT / 1567 / ESGOB LLANELWY 1560-1561 / ESGOB TYDDEWI 1561 - 1581 / YR ANRHYDEDDUS DAT AIL DEWI / MENEW Incised on green marble tablet below corresponding statue: JOHN DAVIES, D.D. / RHEITHOP MALLWYD / CYNORTHWYWR IR ESGOB PARRY Incised on green marble tablet below corresponding statue: EDMUND PRYS / ARCHDDIACON MEIRIONYDD / CYNORTHWYWR IR ESGOB MORGAN / AWDWR Y PSALMAU CAN 1621 Incised on green marble tablet below corresponding statue and below carved relief of Bishop Morgan's seal: WILLIAM MORGAN, D.D. / CYFIEITHYDD Y BEIBL I'R / GYMRAEG, 1588 / FICER LLANRHAIADR YN / MOCHNANT 1578 - 1595 / ESGOB LLANDAF 1595 - 1601 / ESGOB LLANELWY 1601 - 1604 / BU FARW MEDI 10 1604 / RELIGIO NISI VULGARI LINGUA / EDOCEATUR IGNOTA LATITABIT / ESGOB MORGAN Embossed inscription running round base of memorial: THIS TERCENTENARY MEMORIAL OF THE TRANSLATION OF THE BIBLE INTO WELSH BY BISHOP MORGAN WAS ERECTED BY NATIONAL SUBSCRIPTION A.D. 1588 - 1888

Contributor details

Contributor Role
Boulton, Richard Lockwood Sculptor
Martyn & Co. Ltd., H.H. Sculptor
Middleton & Prothero, None Architect
Collins, Tewkesbury, None Builder

Element details

Part of work Material Dimensions
Whole work Hollington & Ancaster stone 914cm high approx

PMSA recording information

Reference Region
General condition Good
Surface condition
  • Corrosion, Deterioration
  • Biological growth
Structural condition
  • Loose elements
  • None
Road High Street
Precise location Above street in churchyard to north of Cathedral
A-Z ref None
OS ref SJ038743
Date of design 1888-1892
Year of unveiling 1892
Unveiling details 22 April 1892
Commissioned by None
Duty of care Denbighshire County Council (?Church in Wales)
Listing status II
At risk? Not at risk

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