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Detail from: Memorial to 158 Squadron by Peter W. Naylor, 2009

John Hopkin Davies Memorial Fountain


Type Fountain

     CADW listing: 'Two square piers support a lintel with round arched head. The piers are slightly tapering with moulded bases and Tuscan-style capitals with dentils. The lintel has a pronounced hollow moulding to the underside. Underneath the arch is a stone panel. To the front, the upper half bears a bronze bust of John Hopkin Davies. Underneath is a semi-circular water trough with a wide rim and base, the latter continuing from the pier bases. To the rear, the stone panel beneath the arch bears an inscription. Underneath, a bronze fountain spout has been mounted in the form of 2 stylised rams heads. Plain semi-circular trough below. All mounted on a platform one course high with central semi-circular projections to front and rear.'
     The fountain was erected in 1910, before his death, by 'friends and admirers, and £350 was raised by public subscription.
     Dr. John Hopkin Davies was brought to Tai Bach in 1872 by Theodore Talbot of Margam Park. Davies practised in Tai Bach for 48 years until his death in 1920.


Inscised on stone panel beneath arch at back of fountain: THIS / FOUNTAIN IS / ERECTED TO / JOHN HOPKIN DAVIES / MD JP OF TIR CARADOC / PORT TALBOT / BY HIS MANY GRATEFUL / FRIENDS AND ADMIRERS / AMONGST WHOM HE / LABOURED WITH / UNFAILING KINDNESS / FOR MANY YEARS / JULY 1910 Incised on left side of bronze relief: John / Hopkin / Davies / 1910

Contributor details

Contributor Role
Goscombe John, William Sculptor

Element details

Part of work Material Dimensions
Whole work Granite and bronze 220cm high x 122cm wide

PMSA recording information

Reference Region
General condition Good
Surface condition
  • Other
  • Biological growth
  • No damage
Structural condition
  • Loose elements
  • Graffiti
  • Surface damage
Road Talbot Road
Precise location East of main avenue in Talbot Memorial Park
A-Z ref None
OS ref SS773890
Date of design None
Year of unveiling 1910
Unveiling details 1910
Commissioned by 'Friends and admirers'
Duty of care None
Listing status II
At risk? No known risk

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