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Detail from: Memorial to 158 Squadron by Peter W. Naylor, 2009

Burnaby Obelisk


Type Shaft

     The memorial obelisk for Frederick G. Burnaby (1842-1885) is position upon a pedestal and double stepped base. As well as the inscriptions indicating the dates of his military campaigns, the south side of the monument contains a three-quarter relief portrait of Burnaby in uniform. Directly above this portrait, at the base of the obelisk above the cornice that divides the monument, the stone is carved to portray military regalia, including breast plate and helmet, serving as a direct reference to Burnaby's military career. The cornice that seperates the odelisk from the pedestal is decorated with acanthus leaves.
          Burnaby was a well known military figure and local politician, who stood as a conservative candidate for Birmingham in 1880. He is known for the accounts of his travels, and particularly 'A Ride to Khiva', the publication of which led to his meeting Queen Victoria.(1) He was also one of the founders of the political society magazine 'Vanity Fair'. He was killed in action at the Battle of Abu Klea, Sudan on January 16th 1885.


(raised, Roman type, north face) 'BURNABY' (east face) 'KHIVA/ 1875' (west face) 'ABU KLEA/ 1885'

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unknown, None ---

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Whole Portland Stone 1700h x 360 x 360

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WMbiBIxx239 BM
General condition Fair
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  • Other
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  • None
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Road Temple Row
Precise location South side of St Philips Square
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