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Detail from: Memorial to 158 Squadron by Peter W. Naylor, 2009

Willenhall Lock Makers


Type Mural , Panel , Sculpture

     The wall panel has been placed on a prominent wall in the town centre: 25 metres from the panel in the centre of the Market Place is the Key Hole Form object, the exact shape of which has been cut out from the panel. The two pieces fit together when viewed from Hampton Street. The key hole form has a metal base with two louvre vents on which has been built 35 layers of glass pieces (4 cm square). Each layer is separated by a steel strip coated with epoxy resin.The layers and steel strips are circular: the glass pieces fixed together with an off-white grouting. The object is lit from dusk to midnight by an internal fibre-optic light. The wall panel shows two men at the top of the panel making locks and keys at their work benches. Spilling from their benches are numerous locks and keys which fill the rest of the mural in a profusion of black and white patterns. The panel is floodlit at night.


None on the object, but there is a wall plaque next to the panel. The text reads: Willenhall Lock Makers The image on this wall represents local lock makers at work in the early twentieth century. Together with the sculpture of a key hole and the four large steel keys located in the Town Centre these art features celebrate the lock and key manufacturing heritage of Willenhall. The project was funded by the Willenhall South Local Committee using money from the Single Regeneration Project (Round 2). The art work was designed and created by Free Form Arts Trust, consulting closely with a range of community groups and the public in Willenhall. Special thanks are offered to all those local people who helped design or choose the art features. The project artists were Andrew Dwyer, Giles Winter, Andy Newman, Helen Crook and Rebecca Clark with Andy Langley of Art Fabrications. Walsall MBC supported the project. The wall space for this mural was kindly donated to the people of Willenhall by Mr Terry Corrigan from Dungannon, County Tyrone. November 2000

Contributor details

Contributor Role
Freeform Arts Trust Ltd, None Designer
Langley, Andrew Blacksmith

Element details

Part of work Material Dimensions
Wall panel Black and white painting on board 2.48m wide x 6m high x 7cm deep
Key Hole Form Steel base, painted black 50cm high x circumference of 2.62m.
None Opaque glass body - 35 layers fixed to thin circular steel plates covered with epoxy resin 1.94m high x circumference of 1.16m at top; 1.76m circumference in the middle. Total height of form is 2.44m.

PMSA recording information

Reference Region
WMwaWIvh012 BM
General condition Good
Surface condition
  • Other
Structural condition
  • None
  • None
Road Market Place
Precise location Junction of Market Place and Hampton Street
A-Z ref 2H 31
OS ref SO964985
Date of design June 1999 - June 2000
Year of unveiling 2001
Unveiling details 30 November 2000 - mural floodlit by Terry Corrigan; 13 February 2001 - celebration of completion of Key Hole Form
Commissioned by Willenhall South Local Committee in June 1999
Duty of care Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council
Listing status Not listed
At risk? No known risk

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