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Detail from: Memorial to 158 Squadron by Peter W. Naylor, 2009

Monument to the "Little Brown Dog", Battersea Park


Type Sculpture

     Statue of a dog on a stone plinth and pedestal, set in a woodland-framed niche.


On bronze plaques: This monument replaces the original memorial to the Brown Dog erected by public subscription in Latdmere Recreation Ground, Battersea, in 1906. The suffering of Brown Dog at the hands of vivisectors generated much protest and mass demonstrations. It represented the revulsion of people of London to vivisection and animal experimentation. This new monument is dedicated to the continuing struggle to end those practices. After much controversy the former monument was removed in the early hours of 10 March 1910. This was the result of a decision taken by the then Battersea Metropolitan Borough Council, the previous Council having supported the erection of the memorial. In Memory of the Brown Terrier Dog Done to Death in the Laboratories / of University College in February 1903 / after having endured Vivisection extending over more than Two Months / and having been handed over from / one Vivisector to Another / Till Death came to his Release / Also in Memory of the 232 dogs vivisected / at the same place during the year 1902. / Men and Women of England / how long shall these things be? Animal experimentation is one of the greatest / moral issues of our time and should have no / place in a civilised society. / In 1903, 19,084 animals suffered dead in / British laboratories. During 1984 3,497,335 / experiments were performed on live animals / in Great Britain. Today animals are burned, / blinded, irradiated, / poisoned, / and subject to / countless other horrifyingly cruel experiments / in Great Britain. Funded by the / British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection / and / the National Anti-Vivisection Society / Site provided by the / Greater London Council / Sculptor / Nicola Hicks / Unveiled on 12th December 1985

Contributor details

Contributor Role
Hicks, Nicola Sculptor

Element details

Part of work Material Dimensions
Dog Bronze c. 38 x 55 x 42
Pedestal Stone 48 x 48 x 138
Four Plaques Bronze None
Base Stone squared base 95 (w)
Paved square niche None None
Paving slabs None None

PMSA recording information

Reference Region
General condition Fair
Surface condition
  • Corrosion, Deterioration
  • Biological growth
Structural condition
  • Replaced parts
Road Battersea Park
Precise location Woodland walk next to the old English Garden, south of the Parade
A-Z ref 76 D7
OS ref None

Sorry, we have no precise geographical information for this item.

Date of design None
Year of unveiling None
Unveiling details 12.12.1985
Commissioned by British Union for the Abolition of the Vivisection and the National Anti-vivisection Society
Duty of care Wandsworth Borough Council
Listing status Don't know
At risk? No known risk

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