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Detail from: Memorial to 158 Squadron by Peter W. Naylor, 2009

Allegories of the Four Seasons


Type Sculpture

     A twice life-size female figure situated at each corner of the tower between buttressed Ionic columns. Only two are positively identifiable: north-east corner, Autumn (with sheaf of corn); south-west corner, Winter (pulls her cloak round her). The other two are in similar half-clad poses. Beneath each figure at each corner of the tower's main cornice is a head in the Egyptian style, with wings behind. On top of the tower is a copper weather vane in the pattern of an Elizabethan galleon.
     The allegorical figures and relief heads on the tower's cornice are part of the Town Hall's extensive sculptural decoration (TWST09, qv; TWST08, qv).(1) The weather vane originally had rigging and canvas sails and has been taken down for cleaning on several occasions.(2)

Contributor details

Contributor Role
Fetch, Ernest Edward Architect
Binney, J.G. Sculptor

Element details

Part of work Material Dimensions
Each figure Stone 250cm high approx

PMSA recording information

Reference Region
General condition Good
Surface condition
Structural condition
Road Westoe Road
Precise location Town Hall, on clock tower
A-Z ref 51 2E
OS ref None

Sorry, we have no precise geographical information for this item.

Date of design None
Year of unveiling 1910
Unveiling details Building opened 1910
Commissioned by South Tyneside Borough Council
Duty of care South Tyneside District Council
Listing status II
At risk? No known risk

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