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Published 3 times a year with Liverpool University Press, Sculpture Journal offers a critical overview and international forum for writers and scholars of post-classical sculpture and monuments in the Western tradition. Join PMSA here: and get it free, along with full digital access to our authoritative archive of peer-reviewed articles.

First published by the PMSA in September 1997, the Sculpture Journal is Britain's foremost scholarly journal devoted to sculpture in all its aspects.


Dr Emma Payne

Dr Eckart Marchand

Dr Elisa Foster

Dr Teresa Kittler

Editorial Assistant

Dr Klairi Angelou

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Advisory Board
Professor Alison Yarrington (Chair)
Ann Compton
Dr Penelope Curtis 
Dr Jonathan Black
Dr Alexandra Gerstein
Dr Philip Ward-Jackson

Former Advisory Board Members
Dr Margaret Garlake
Dr Rebecca Wade
Professor Brendan Cassidy
Dr Marika Leino
Ian Leith, FSA
Dr Alistair Rider
Professor Phyllida Barlow
Dr Jon Wood (Editor)
Professor Catherine Moriarty (Editor)
Dr Rebecca Senior
Dr Katharine Eustace (Editor)
Professor Edward Allington
Dr Peter Dent (Editor)
Dr Holly Trusted, FSA (Editor)
Mike Nelson
Dr Joy Sleeman

Consultative Committee
Sir Timothy Clifford
James David Draper
Sir Mark Jones, FSA
Tim Knox, FSA
Professor Nigel Llewellyn, FSA
Dr Jennifer Montagu, CBE
Sir Nicholas Penny, FSA
Anne Pingeot
Guilhem Scherf
Frits Scholten
Professor Dr Christian Theuerkauff, FSA
Dr Paul Williamson, FSA